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Time:02:29 am
hm well it's been awhile since i've updated. randy has since broken up with me again. fuck him, that's what i'm thinking right now. i haven't talked to him in over a month and it's good for me, but tonight for some reason i messaged him and called him an "ignorant slut bitch" (classy, I know), but he's ignoring me, that's probably for the best though, as i've consumed massive amounts of alcohol, but you'd never know because i'm taking my time typing. daryl, daryl, daryl, she scares me, i can't leave her alone for five minutes.
i saw tara and carmen tonight, yay! it was good to see them, i invited them to the all co-op party next weekend, whatever, it's at my house, i'll let them in, right? anyway, i hope i can. jordan came to the party with us tonight, that was ok, but he left so early, but he hugged me and made me feel happy. i hope to be hearing from him soon (and all his curly hair, sigh sigh sigh times one hundred times).
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Time:09:55 am
i'm bored. and all my friends are having fun.

i feel left out.

oh well.

i'm starting to watch friends, all the seasons, every episode because i have no life and at the end of a day at walmart sometimes that's all i have the energy to do. plus i'm pathetic.
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Time:09:17 pm
the grades are in. 3 3.5's and a 3.0. fuck. i really expected a 4.0 in one of those classes. oh well. it's done now.
i've been soooo sick the past few days. i finally let my mom take me to the doctor this morning. my throat is so sore, i could barely swallow. let allow eat or drink. well anyway it's a middle ear infection and sinus' or something leaked into my throat and that's why my throat hurts so bad. so i didn't work today, and i don't know if i can make it in tomorrow either. we'll see. probably not though.
and plus i've got extra things on my mind lately that i haven't had time to think about since september and october and i don't know where i am headed. probably down though, but first it'll be up, or at least i better be going up first.
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Subject:stolen from another journal, and i'm bored and don't want to finish my research paper
Time:09:42 pm
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Time:12:41 am
Last weekend I went to the party at Atlantis with Tara and had a really good time. But, I think I kind of made an ass of myself slurring my words and making people try the whiskey or rum or whatever it was Craig gave me. Wednesday I had lunch with Crystal and that was nice, it was good to see her again, hadn't seen her since October I think. Thursday saw a sneak preview of House of Wax. I've concluded that creators of horror flicks should be psychologically examined and monitored the rest of their lives due to their extremely grotesque minds. Friday went to Mac's bar with Tara and her friend Jeff. We didn't end up seeing the band we went for, but it was ok, we got to see this freaky one man show called the Voodoo Organist. Today I took Tiffany to Aladdin's for an early dinner and the man there gave us some really good tea that tasted like black licorice AND it was free! Totally unexpected of him to bring it to us. He just came over, and said "I thought you would like some tea".
I think I might stay here until Saturday and work Friday night, my last night as a night receptionist! If I work Friday I can get an acception from the move out date AND as part of the incentive for working Friday night I can pick either a free movie pass from NCG cinemas or a Meijer gift certificate. PLUS, if I leave on Saturday I can get help from my mom and punkass brother with moving out because before she couldn't get Friday off to help me.
I just have to make it through the next week without having a panic attack because I wait until the last minute to do everything school related. I think that I may procrastinate so badly because it adds a sense of impending doom to my life. =)
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Subject:i really should be doing other things with my time...
Time:12:30 am
What's nu-clear, woah-oh-woah-oh-WOAH-oh
Which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?
A Rum and Monkey joint.
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Current Music:p.s you rock my world - eels
Time:12:10 am
today has had its ups and downs. yea.
so i scheduled my classes, take that as a pro or con either way it doesn't matter.
i bought the most amazing sub from jimmy john's, it gets better every time i go there.
i got stood up.
i called someone from the summer and patched things up. felt a little sad when the conversation was over though.
watched family guy. and sex and the city. and ED. today in ED Carol and Ed finally slept together.
i didn't drink any coffee today. or smoke any weed. not that i normally do, but it's just, you know it being 4/20 and all that...actually i just waited around and got stood up. so that was fun. and traumatic.
i have some rum in my sock drawer and i'm thinking of taking a few sips of it. but rum doesn't really agree with me so i don't know.

and then i did this quiz angela had in her journal and i totally got a kick ass result. ha.
You are a Mod. Yeah baby.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

and another quiz...
I'm Joshua Abraham Norton, the first and only Emperor of the United States of America!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

also, today i picked out my room in mosier house! yay!!! well technically i had no choice, there was only one single left, but it has two windows, it's on the first floor, and now i don't have to use the huge unisex dorm like bathroom on the second floor!
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Current Music:Happiness - Elliot Smith
Time:09:27 am
Phone conversation:
Me: Hello?
Caller: Hi! Lauren!
Me: Um, yea. Hi.
Caller: This is Mark.
Me: Um, hi. (Don’t have a clue who Mark is.)
Mark: I can take your shift tonight if you still want to give it up.
Me: YES! Thank you so much. (Continues to gush for another minute or so.)
Mark: I don’t know the procedure for sending out emails about shift changes, will you do it?
Me: Yes, sure, of course, ok. (Very agreeable to anything.)
Mark: Ok, thanks, talk to you later. (Doubtful, he should have just said, bye.)
Me: Um, ok. Bye.

Then when I’m in my euphoric state of bliss from not having to work, just sitting there thinking that now I have ample time to write my paper in the comfort of my room and contemplating going to seven eleven to get a slurpee, a the night receptionist who does the schedule IM’s me. He tells me that Mark already has a shift to cover that he forgot he took permanently, so I still have to work. Damn. And there you have it, a short tale of bliss and disappointment.
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Current Music:get me away from here, i'm dying - belle and sebastian
Time:11:26 pm
I think I've figured out my schedule for next year. I sign up for classes tomorrow at 5pm.
TE 150- Reflections on Learning
HST 360- African History to 1800
SPN 102- Spanish
ISP- Visions of the Universe
HST 378- Native Americans in North America to 1830

SPN 201- Spanish
HST 392- History of the Holocaust
HST 202- U.S. History to 1876
TE 250- Human Diversity, Power, and Opprotunity in Social Institutions

Um yea. Also, I'm pretty much never graduating. I have so many credits and classes I have to take it's insane. I have so much crap to do right now but I can't even think about doing any of it right now, maybe in like five minutes I will.
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Time:05:51 pm
at 10am tomorrow guess who will be the newest member of the mosier house? yup, me. yay!
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